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Programme Horizon Energie Hydrogène

Horizon Hydrogène Energie program aims to contribute to the emergence of a durable and competitive hydrogen energy industry in France and across Europe.

Welcome to Planet Hydrogen

Welcome to Planet Hydrogen, the website dedicated to hydrogen and the new technologies being developed today to address the major issues facing society in the areas of Energy and the Environment.

You will discover lots of information about hydrogen and its applications, from the production of clean electricity anywhere to fuel cell batteries for cars that release water only.



Air Liquide installs a new hydrogen charging station in France

SAIC tour 2014 air liquide



Record in China: 10,000 km traveled by three cars fueled with hydrogen provided by Air Liquide

Air Liquide was the exclusive partner for hydrogen solutions in the “2014 Innovation March” that ended last month in China, consisting of a 10,000 km roadshow sponsored by SAIC Motor Corp. featuring new energy vehicles.


Air Liquide, partner of the 2014 Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China